Khmer lit round 3, 4 5


អត្ថន័យនៃពាក្យ ខ្មែរ​ និង កម្ពុជា

Khmer photography


The Force is a metaphysical and ubiquitous power in the fictional Star Wars universe. It is wielded by “Force-sensitive” characters throughout the franchise: heroes like the Jedi use the “light side”

Avengers…. Assemble!

Have you ever thought of a way to have fun in class while also learning at the same time? Well turning your friends into the Avengers, bringing the black and white photo back into color, or making your own desktop wallpaper are just some of the infinite choices that you can do to fill up your free time. Here’s are just a few examples of the works that have described above and manage to gets it done this month.

However, with great knowledge about graphic designing and editing, you can literally turn any picture into your imaginary world within just a few clicks. Moreover, you’ll get to enjoy your time working alone in the AC listening to music and don’t have care much about your surrounding world, if you are interested in those sort of thing. So what are you waiting for? Get your Photoshop up and rock it on.



Right of the beat let me start off by asking you a question. What’s your first impression when you hear the word “CODING”. That is right complicated number, symbol, command, and nonsense code. Well, that’s what I used to thought about what coding actually really is too. Yet there are much more about the world of coding then you actually knows. One of the facts I wanted to point out today is Arts. Yes! Art isn’t that crazy. You can actually make arts in code. And here’s the proof. 

Check out the project:

And yes I do understand that it’s not looking like a Leonardo da Vinci painting, but in fact, looking like a drawing from the first graders. however for me, it’s actually looking really good in an abstract way, and that’s just the first step. Imagine what else you can do if you mastered the skill of coding. So what are you waiting for? GET ON CODING NOW!

|3.I D 4 Y

“Pi Day.” Eugene Science Center, 23 Feb. 2018,

I know you might get a little confused about the title. Well actually if you simply put the word  PI DAY + 3.14 you’ll get “|3. I D 4 Y”. It’s how simple it, just a little word and numerical calculation. Anyways let’s get into the main point

Here’s a little brief history of PI. Dating back to around 4000 years ago, the ancient Babylonians were trying to calculate the area of the circle by taking 3 times the square of its radius.

អត្ថន័យនៃពាក្យ ខ្មែរ​ និង កម្ពុជា

កម្ពុជា​ គឺជាដែនដីសុវន្នភូមិដ៏ចំណាស់មួយដែរមានវម្បធម៍ អរយ៍ធម៍ដ៏សែនផូរផង់តាំងពីយូរលង់ណាស់មកហើយ។  តាំពីសម័ាបុរេប្រវត្ត នគរគុកថ្លក សម៍យចេនលា អាណាចក្រខ្មែរ ចតុមុខ លង្វែក អុត្តុង អាណានិគមនិយមបារាំង ​កម្ពុជាប្រជាធមតយ៍ លុនណុល​​​​ ខ្មែរក្រហម រដ្ឌកម្ពុជា ប្រជាមនិកម្ពុជា និងបន្តរមកដល់ ព្រះរាជាណាចក្រម្ពជារហូតមកដើសព្ពថ្ងៃ។​ ក៏ប៉ុន្តែតើយើងមានធ្លាប់ដឹងទេថា តើអត្តនយ័នៃពាក្យថាខ្មែរ ក៏ដូចជា កម្ពុជាមាននយ័ដូចមេ្ដចខ្លះ?




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