Going on trips to places and explore the whole new worlds is something I always love to do, and it’s one of my interests. I like being away from home, explore, stay out of my comfort zone and just totally being uncomfortable. Except I never been tracked before. And Outdoor Leadership exploration was the golden opportunity for me. It’s isn’t a wonder why going trekking was a really joyful and memorable experience for me.

Liger students trekking in the wood. Taken by the Outdoor Leadership Team; Date 27/03/2018, 11:15 PM

        I got to see news birds, awesome incest, interesting animals, and new mysterious plants. Others than that I learn how to make fires, cooks, shelters, and energy help in the wood by using all of the surrounding natural resources. It’s was a really magnificent trip experience. Besides all of the joyful experiences in nature, I had also introduced to the way of living together in the wood, and how we can help one another as friends, taking management, being organize, and achieve the goal together

         I got to admit even though growing up my family travels a lot, and there are many others experience and memorable moments with them. yet this one might be the best one so far. By observing the surrounding nature, understanding more about nature, and being in the wild together as a family was the best moment of all time.

ODL round 4 team on Kirirom haven cliff. Taken by the Outdoor Leadership Team; Date 08/03/2018, 8:48 PM    

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