A few months ago you might have been reading one of my post-call BEYOND THE UNDERWORLD. In the article, I have been complementing on and on about the beautiful nature of our Earth, and how it has opened my new perspective on life. Coincidentally, I was indeed chosen to be a part of this wonderful project once again. However this time we have something special to share. 

“Cambodia Tour -Angkor Temple Tours.” SR Angkor Travel, www.srangkortravel.com/index.php?page=tour_detail&id_package=18.

Cambodia is a developing country with friendly people, beautiful culture, interesting tradition, but the most important is our pheromonal natural site.  Along with that, cities are full of colors light, skyscrapers are being built, the population repeatedly increasing at a high rate, traffic games happen every second. These are the factors causing our next generation to often forget about what our mother nature has offered. 

Yumashev, Dmitry. “Why Scientists Have Modelled Climate Change Right up to the Year 2300.” The Conversation, 28 Mar. 2019, theconversation.com/why-scientists-have-modelled-climate-change-right-up-to-the-year-2300-92236.

Welcome to the Outdoor Leadership Program Exploration, where we are trying to implement our new method of studying leadership through nature. Many students in Cambodia especially in our capital city where lack the experience to be contributed to nature. This result is caused by many factors of ways: such as finances, lack of opportunity, frightened of forest, and etc. Here is three ways why we believe our of methods of learning about leadership while spending time with is fascinating.

Real experience

By going out into the wild, you are no longer just learning through a textbook or watching a YouTube video. You are now entering the zone of reality, where you get to experience the real sense of being in nature. 

Adapted to new situations

Embarking on and outdoor trip with your peers will be very enjoyable but at the same time very educational. Being outdoor will be very foreign to many students who live in the city because that’s where there are not many trees. This is why going outdoor is very important. While on this journey, you’ll learn how to be open-minded about this experience and want to adapt to this very new and exquisite lifestyle.

Overcoming Fears

By joining our program, it’s a chance for you to embrace your fears. Going out into the wild is definitely scary, however, it was worth a try. Challenges are inevitable, therefore it is very important to learn how to get familiar with obstacles and learn how to work them out. As soon as you’re showing your great strength, “Fear” will turn into “Fun” in this astonishing journey!

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