The beauty of the surging blue giant of a river was the best view I have seen. During the last few days of LMRT trips, I personally have to experience the joy of this learning opportunity in various ways, such as snorkeling, dolphin survey, picking up trash, and especially THE FOODS! However, the most memorable thing I can’t stop thinking about was seeing the dolphin for the first time. Even though I was not fortunate enough to see a live dolphin yet these last few days of the island where the best life I every experience so far. 

         Koh Seh LMRT trip was an eye-opening experience. I got so many new things to try, learn and experience at once. It has provided for me a better perspective of Marine Conservation, granted me understanding our hazardous marine life in Cambodia. After seeing with my own eye the magnificent view of coral and other marine species. I’m proud to be a part of this impactful project. Not only can I enjoy learning about my favorite science subject, but I am also creating an impact on my own country.