Force Field has always known as one of the most indestructible and powerful transparent shields that can be shaped shift into a really thin bubble or shapes surrounding objects or people.

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        In the Sci-Fi world, there are many abilities and superpowers that are used against the laws of physics. However, in our reality science has identified the four main force known in the universe. Gravity, Electromagnetic, the Strong and Weak Nuclear Forces. Yet the question still remains. Are any of those forces can make scientists dreams come true by converting them into the force field with our billions dollar money and modern-day teach. Is force field physically possible or it’s just an imagination?

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         So, first of all, let start off with Gravity Force. A force which keeps pulling us, the solar system and the universe in place; which is kind of the opposite of what we are looking for because the force field is supposed to repel objects and not pulling them. Plue gravity is a pretty weak force and also working on a huge scale which is impossible to shape into a thin bubble.

         Now let’s move on to Electromagnetic Force. Even though electromagnetic force can repel metals, but it is will be useless opposed to insulating materials such as plastic and rubber. Also, magnets are physically impossible to turn into a thin transparent layer.

        So next up we got the Strong and Weak Nuclear Forces. The weak nuclear force is responsible for heating up the Earth cores and moving the plate tectonics. Meanwhile, the strong force holds nuclear atoms together and provide energy to stars in the universe. Except the problem is that there are only working on micro scales and we are yet of reaching the technology on achieving to expanding its form.

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         To sum up, a force field is only standing on the type one impossibility, which means with the hight technology tool in the future force field might no longer be a fictional indestructible shield.

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To learn more about how the fourth state of matter Plagsam might be able to turn into the final forcefield watch this video in the link below that I learned from –