The world of since is huge. It’s is everything around us, it’s the truth, the facts. Last week we were introduced to the basic of Atoms. Even though we aren’t able to do experiments and see the actual shape of the Atom, due to the lack of equipment in our school lab. However we got to do research, present with our classmates, we asked questions, and we share each understanding. It’s was such a really pleasurable and fun experience to learn about this lesson of science. I am really looking forward and hopes to learn this type of interesting subject in the future.

Barlow, Roger, and International Institute for Accelerator Applications. “If Atoms Are Mostly Empty Space, Why Do Objects Look and Feel Solid?” The Conversation, 26 Mar. 2019,


Our handmade Kroma bag and pencil case. Date 3/15/2017, 9:54 AM

     Doing business has always been a part of my interest. The Entrepreneurship Exploration has taught me so many significant skill that’s related to business such as spending, selling, creating, and inventing. I was having so much fun learning in the exploration, it is one of my most enjoyable exploration of the year. However learning about business is not always as simple as some of us might think, there are a ton of challenge and issues once we start learning about the basic and getting to know about it. Although these problems are really difficult, from the bottom of my heart being a businessman has always been my dream career and there is nothing can stop my path. Which we actually earn the profit for about 150$ at the end of the exploration from our mini company called Be Ready.


     As we all probably know that people with disability are often got stereotype and discriminate from the society. As a result of this, our Facilitator had led us an exploration called Disability which I’m also a part of the team. In this Exploration, we had done so many research on getting to know about people with disability and their difficulties in life. To add on this during halfway through the Exploration which is about the third weeks, one of our facilitators who lead the Podcast exploration had come back from his hometown. Meanwhile, all of the students in his team was the studying with the Disability exploration team while he was gone. However, after he was back he would like to find the new team who want to swap to the Podcast Exploration, which I’m also one of the people who switched. In the Podcast Exploration, we had combined the information that we had researched about people with disability to create four digital audio both in English and in Khmer about people with disability and their life. This exploration had solved a small part of the problem discrimination. It helps separate the news and true stories to the society and make them understand to create a change.

Please see my smile of able and not the label, Date 10/03/2017, 1:28 PM




The statues of the Buddhist and the Jar made from limestones. Date 7/11/2017, 1:56 PM

     Statues, Statues are build everywhere around the world. However, do we all really know the history and meaning being each of it? These are all the problem that’s we as Liger students need to do something to make a change for this. Historical Symbolism is an Exploration which we had went to the six provinces in the western region of Cambodia such as Prust, Pailin, Kompong Speu, Kompong Chhnang, Battambang, and Banteymeanchay We had done many research and interview about every statue in each of that province. Most of the information of the statues had been published in our Historical Symbolism blog. Also, some of the information that we had research is also gonna be a part of the Cambodia Geography book. This is all of our product that’s we had done in this Exploration, that’s had made a small change to Cambodia.


     Cambodia is a country that full of so many hidden Geography which no one has ever discovered. All of those natural resources, landforms, and tourists can be really attractive to so many tourism, which could lead us to the increment of our economy.  After all, this reason as we are the next generation of Cambodian’s change agent we had come up with a 1 years project, which we are working on observing, researching, and gardening information to create the Cambodia Geography Book. This Cambodia Geography Book is going to publish on the …. September of 2018, along with both English and Khmer language. To add on this one of our main goal for the Book is to share is to every Government school in Cambodia along with putting on the market. We believe that’s is book will be going to play a big role in education, finding information, and attractive tourist, to know more about our wonderful Geography.

Angkor Wat. Taken by Panharith Pov; Date 8/31/2017, 1:39 PM