Algebra! Algebra! Algebra! What is the first impression when you hear the word algebra. You would probably look something like this.

        Well, don’t worry you are not the only one here and that’s exactly what I look like when it class for algebra. Just these crazy number and letters with square root, to the power of some others number and keep asking you to find X when you littery see it’s right there, just give me an ache.            However, that’s not all it is about algebra; at least that is what I thought. Even though I don’t like algebra and still don’t understand much about it. I’ll be here today and just tell you a little bit about my experience throughout the course of learning basic algebra and how has it changed my perspective on Math. 

         You see I’m just one of those people who’s doesn’t like math that much but doing pretty well on it. Having almost no issues solving problems, understanding new topic quickly and have a really decent score on tests. Yet all of those change when algebra comes in. There are just these strange feelings of learning algebra that make it seem certainly difficult for me and has decreased all of my confidants. I know that math is all of the patients, learn from your mistakes and resolve the problems again and again until you get it right. Anyhow the methods just don’t work with algebra at all, because no matter how many time I tried it’s just still doesn’t work.

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And that’s when I decide to just leave some of the other unnecessary things beside leaning behind, and take it’s easy on  Math. Surprisingly it works after a few days. I started to gets a little basic about what is an X and some simple equation about it. So after a few weeks past by, I started to gets my confidence back. It’s doesn’t matter if I’m still bad at algebra, but I’m sure I’ll get over the problems over one day if I keep being in this good spot of where I am now. 

“Steve Jobs Quote: ‘To Go Forward You Have to Leave Something behind.”.” Quotefancy,

        Here’s the one lesson I wanted you to know. Yes! you reading this behind the screen right now. Sometimes when you feel like you are stuck in a place and can’t find any solutions at all to get out. It is probably the time for you to just leave something behind, take a deep breath, and take everything very very calm and easy. This isn’t just about Math, it’s about friendship, money,  learning, and everything as a whole. Because I was pretty sure that inside you there is always a little candle waiting to ignite. Thank you so very much and Have a nice day!  🙂


        Weather reports, elevation, sea level, and funding are just some of the many other usages of the negatives number in the real-life activities.

“It’s so cold in parts of Siberia that eyelashes are freezing”

        In math, we might be probably thinking that negatives number are super rarely used to express an equation and don’t have that much of an importance to our everyday life. Yet beyond our quick judgments on negatives number, they are impressively useful not just in math but once it’s come to real-life situations. It helps us identify how deep or sallow the sea level is and warns us, human before we start making constructions or go for a quick relaxing swim. It tells us which floor are we on from the car park basement to the emergency room. It casting weathers temperature of the surrounding environment and alert us to stay warm. it is just extremely useful in so many virility of ways.

Team, Glogster. “Brahmagupta.” Go to Your Profile,

        So next time when you ride on an elevator, climbing a mountain, or go for a nice summer swim. Just have a quick thought and appreciate the hard work of this Indian mathematician Brahmagupta. 3tvcq441m.




|3.I D 4 Y

        I know you might be getting a little confused by the title. Well actually, if you simply put the word  PI DAY + 3.14 you’ll get “|3. I D 4 Y”. It’s a really crazy Math calculation between words and numbers that I made up. Anyways let’s get into the main point today.

“Pi Day.” Eugene Science Center, 23 Feb. 2018,

        PI has a really long history throughout humanity way dating back to around 4000 years ago. It’s was first calculated by the ancient Egyptian and Babylonians, continue on to Rome in the year 212 BC by a Greek mathematician Archimedes, spreading the discovery to country in Asia such as India and China, heading back to Europe, and go on all over places around the world by many Mmathematician until this 21 century. 

“The Death of Archimedes (1815) by Thomas Degeorge”

        Of course, there are more into the “π” symbol then just 3.14 and ancient calculation. Yet I couldn’t just explain it all to you in a paragraph, that is why I really recommend you to watch this really details explained video about “A Brief History of Pi”       

“Pi Day.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 25 June 2019,

And last but not least is the PI day which is a holiday that was created to celebrate and honor the ancient math Mathematicians that discovered PI. The holiday started about 30 years ago by Larry Shawn(The Prince of Pi) in the year 1988 at the San Francisco Exploratorium.    


        Also here are some fun facts about Pi. Albert Einstein one of the most influential scientists in human history, also born on March 14th. Which is the same day that our great physicist Stephen Hawking has passed away in 2018. 

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        Nowadays Pi has calculated to the 2.7 trillion digits beyond its decimals point. Yet we humans aren’t satisfied with that, because as long as the human civilization keep developing with our new technology and computer calculation; we are going to keep expanding the record of this irrational continuously infinite number 


        Honestly, let me start my paragraph by saying, for the last 13 years of my life I didn’t know why learning math is so necessary. However, just only these last few weeks I felt something has changed my perspective in math. During the summer break, I was always wanted to build a gaming table, but the problem is I didn’t know what to do, how should I measure, or even where should I start. I was so stuck.

Why MATH is important? | Design by Chhayachhay Chhom; Date 22/07/2019, 7:00 PM

         The break is over the new school year start again, and luckily I was introduced to area and perimeter. This is aren’t new to me, but just because I never pay attention to it, so I just felt like a newborn baby with area and perimeter. Times goes on, everything goes well, until last week I was looking through old notes and saw the list of things I always to build to decorate my bedroom and yes one of them is the gaming table. At that right moment, I had thought to myself “Hey, I think I may be able to measure different shape easily, why now try to do it in real life.” On that same day, I had found a video on YouTube how to make gaming table, and literally, I could 100% understand the measurement data that he provides. That how to end it up to make a $700 gaming table with less them 20$ with simple math measurement and a little bit of critical thinking.

My Gaming Desk. | Taken by Chhayachhaya Chhom; Date 11/01/2018, 2:35 PM



     For the last few weeks at the school in my Math, we had gone over many reviews in the book to refresh the brain from a long summer break. Reviewing lessons in the books, in a team, or with friends are all great. However today I want to share with you with a website which helps me so much review my lesson over this round one. Khan Academy is the greatest place to practice and learns literally almost everything you wish for. Last years I have introduced to this useful website. However, for just only this last few weeks which I feel really addicted to this website and like it a lot more since it’s helped me go through so much with my tough time learning math.

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