The beauty of the surging blue giant of a river was the best view I have seen. During the last few days of LMRT trips, I personally have to experience the joy of this learning opportunity in various ways, such as snorkeling, dolphin survey, picking up trash, and especially THE FOODS! However, the most memorable thing I can’t stop thinking about was seeing the dolphin for the first time. Even though I was not fortunate enough to see a live dolphin yet these last few days of the island where the best life I every experience so far. 

         Koh Seh LMRT trip was an eye-opening experience. I got so many new things to try, learn and experience at once. It has provided for me a better perspective of Marine Conservation, granted me understanding our hazardous marine life in Cambodia. After seeing with my own eye the magnificent view of coral and other marine species. I’m proud to be a part of this impactful project. Not only can I enjoy learning about my favorite science subject, but I am also creating an impact on my own country.


A few months ago you might have been reading one of my post-call BEYOND THE UNDERWORLD. In the article, I have been complementing on and on about the beautiful nature of our Earth, and how it has opened my new perspective on life. Coincidentally, I was indeed chosen to be a part of this wonderful project once again. However this time we have something special to share. 

“Cambodia Tour -Angkor Temple Tours.” SR Angkor Travel,

Cambodia is a developing country with friendly people, beautiful culture, interesting tradition, but the most important is our pheromonal natural site.  Along with that, cities are full of colors light, skyscrapers are being built, the population repeatedly increasing at a high rate, traffic games happen every second. These are the factors causing our next generation to often forget about what our mother nature has offered. 

Yumashev, Dmitry. “Why Scientists Have Modelled Climate Change Right up to the Year 2300.” The Conversation, 28 Mar. 2019,

Welcome to the Outdoor Leadership Program Exploration, where we are trying to implement our new method of studying leadership through nature. Many students in Cambodia especially in our capital city where lack the experience to be contributed to nature. This result is caused by many factors of ways: such as finances, lack of opportunity, frightened of forest, and etc. Here is three ways why we believe our of methods of learning about leadership while spending time with is fascinating.

Real experience

By going out into the wild, you are no longer just learning through a textbook or watching a YouTube video. You are now entering the zone of reality, where you get to experience the real sense of being in nature. 

Adapted to new situations

Embarking on and outdoor trip with your peers will be very enjoyable but at the same time very educational. Being outdoor will be very foreign to many students who live in the city because that’s where there are not many trees. This is why going outdoor is very important. While on this journey, you’ll learn how to be open-minded about this experience and want to adapt to this very new and exquisite lifestyle.

Overcoming Fears

By joining our program, it’s a chance for you to embrace your fears. Going out into the wild is definitely scary, however, it was worth a try. Challenges are inevitable, therefore it is very important to learn how to get familiar with obstacles and learn how to work them out. As soon as you’re showing your great strength, “Fear” will turn into “Fun” in this astonishing journey!


         Going on trips to places and explore the whole new worlds is something I always love to do, and it’s one of my interests. I like being away from home, explore, stay out of my comfort zone and just totally being uncomfortable. Except I never been tracked before. And Outdoor Leadership exploration was the golden opportunity for me. It’s isn’t a wonder why going trekking was a really joyful and memorable experience for me.

Liger students trekking in the wood. Taken by the Outdoor Leadership Team; Date 27/03/2018, 11:15 PM

        I got to see news birds, awesome incest, interesting animals, and new mysterious plants. Others than that I learn how to make fires, cooks, shelters, and energy help in the wood by using all of the surrounding natural resources. It’s was a really magnificent trip experience. Besides all of the joyful experiences in nature, I had also introduced to the way of living together in the wood, and how we can help one another as friends, taking management, being organize, and achieve the goal together

         I got to admit even though growing up my family travels a lot, and there are many others experience and memorable moments with them. yet this one might be the best one so far. By observing the surrounding nature, understanding more about nature, and being in the wild together as a family was the best moment of all time.

ODL round 4 team on Kirirom haven cliff. Taken by the Outdoor Leadership Team; Date 08/03/2018, 8:48 PM    


        Traveling Theaters was one of the many interesting projects that are I was involving in this year. The project was very new to me, yet I wasn’t having so much trouble getting to understand about it. I did learn about so many things in the project from acting, to designing a stage, and organizing a trip, it was just a really amazing project to be apart of. Anyways if you are bord with reading my paragraph here’s a little timeline about how did we set the stage up once we travel to places to perform our show.

        The one main goal for this exploration is to spread and show the experience of theater to people in the rural area especially in far provinces from Phnom Penh city. Even though I wasn’t able to go on the trip with my teammate at the time, but I heard about a lot of really nice comment from them about the show. Which also boosted the mood, and tells me that many people like our work and they wanted to see more.  And I’m also really looking forward to doing more of this project. 


The indigenous woman. Taken by Yanich Khin; Date 11/1/2018, 2:35 PM

               Indigenous groups are people who live in Cambodia since the past hundreds of years ago. Therefore they establish their own language, form their own culture, and even outset their unique style of living. Considering from the last few decades, Indigenous groups have been extremely facing issues which lead them to this terrible present of losing their own identity. It’s clear as we the next generation of Cambodia we should support and help save their identification, therefore of keeping the culture sustainable is                Here is our final come up to solve the considering problem. This is the  Indigenous groups of Cambodia book which we had been working on for the last 7 weeks. The book is included of the 6 in Indigenous groups in Cambodia along the province of Ratanakkiri and Kompong Spue. I am extremely pleasurable to be apart of the book writer and design team. Even though the book isn’t fully complete yet, I have a really strong expectation of it is going to be an excessively useful documentary for youth and the next generation. 


International pice of art about stone age people. Date 9/17/2018, 12:57 PM

     Let me start off by asking you a question, what was the greatest killing machine of all time during the past 65 million years ago, that it even ended the life of dinosaurs. The rain of asteroids, and volcanoes eruptions right? Well, but this is 65 million years ago, we would probably even forgot about it. However let me tell you something; The greatest killing machine is responding again in a new form, new textures, and new process of killing, that will actually going to end all of our human life.  

A plastic cup at our sports field that has been ignored. Date 9/03/2018, 8:37 AM

     It’s it everywhere; It was only been was invented first for about a century ago. Eventually, do you know what is the most shocking facts about it? The actual first made of that’s product on Earth has not been decomposed yet and it’s ill never decompose.  

A week of plastic usage in Liger. Date 9/05/2018, 9:48 AM

     Millions of tons single-use plastics had dumped into the landfills, oceans, farms and etc causing pollutions to every corner of our environment. Its long terms effect is killing sea creatures, animals on land, birds and even us. Now, I would not go into much deeper details about what are the effects of plastic because most of us probably know how harmful plastic are. Besides this, the only one thing that I do know for sure if there is a protection for this greatest killing machine. 

A plastic bag in front of our school that is still been around until today. Date 9/03/2018, 8:37 AM

     We are from a small group of students called SAY NOT TO SINGLE-USE PLASTIC IN LIGER  from the Liger Leadership Academy; We had created a project which we are going to eliminate single-use plastic in our school. We had spent 7 weeks totals working on this whole project which we had just lunch out first ever school campaign on the Friday 5th. We understand that this is one of the biggest world issues to solve. As the result, this is why we are only starting with our Liger family in our small school.  We believe that’s our campaign is going to a substance for the rest of Liger by each and every one of us. 

“One might not make a difference but together we can make changes” – Say No To Single-Use Plastic In Liger 

A comic show about the whole idea of what are we doing. Date 10/05/2018, 10:34 AM




Our handmade Kroma bag and pencil case. Date 3/15/2017, 9:54 AM

     Doing business has always been a part of my interest. The Entrepreneurship Exploration has taught me so many significant skill that’s related to business such as spending, selling, creating, and inventing. I was having so much fun learning in the exploration, it is one of my most enjoyable exploration of the year. However learning about business is not always as simple as some of us might think, there are a ton of challenge and issues once we start learning about the basic and getting to know about it. Although these problems are really difficult, from the bottom of my heart being a businessman has always been my dream career and there is nothing can stop my path. Which we actually earn the profit for about 150$ at the end of the exploration from our mini company called Be Ready.


     As we all probably know that people with disability are often got stereotype and discriminate from the society. As a result of this, our Facilitator had led us an exploration called Disability which I’m also a part of the team. In this Exploration, we had done so many research on getting to know about people with disability and their difficulties in life. To add on this during halfway through the Exploration which is about the third weeks, one of our facilitators who lead the Podcast exploration had come back from his hometown. Meanwhile, all of the students in his team was the studying with the Disability exploration team while he was gone. However, after he was back he would like to find the new team who want to swap to the Podcast Exploration, which I’m also one of the people who switched. In the Podcast Exploration, we had combined the information that we had researched about people with disability to create four digital audio both in English and in Khmer about people with disability and their life. This exploration had solved a small part of the problem discrimination. It helps separate the news and true stories to the society and make them understand to create a change.

Please see my smile of able and not the label, Date 10/03/2017, 1:28 PM